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Time to unlock!
That after the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the end of 2020 the unexpected could suddenly be expected is a logical story. But the fact that the progressive rockband Timelock, originally from The Hague (NL) , which caused a furore in the 90's with their infectious, Saga-like progressive rock, would make a comeback in 2021 is something of a different order.
Timelock's last achievement is now about 15 years ago, when the album “Buildings” saw the light.  A couple of years ago "Circle of Deception" guitarist Martin Hendriks sought out founders Julian Driessen (keyboards) and Ruud Stoker (vocals) to write new material for his MHX Music YouTube channel. The idea to record a few songs quickly got out of hand and now there is both an EP and an album ready to be released.
The big questions are of course "Will the band pick up where they left off in 2006?" And "Who are the other band members?" On closer inspection, the band picks up where they left off after the release of "Circle of Deception" (2002) when Martin Hendriks and Rob Boshuijzen (drums) left the band. The approach of the new music is therefore symphonic hard rock. It's all just a bit spicier and in your face than in the past. What is striking are the new acquisitions in the line-up.
Bassist David Guurink, a young fresh guy, who was born with music and is very skilled on the 4-string instrument, completes the basic band. But it doesn't stop there. The greatest musical acquisitions are Arjen van den Bosch, who puts a Nightwish-like sauce on the whole with his orchestral and additional keyboards, and backing vocalists Laura Eradus and Coby van Oorschot, who add an extra dimension to the compositions.
In short, enough to look forward to. Behind the scenes they are currently working hard on the video clip for the single and the release of the EP. So stay tuned and keep an eye on the news. 2021 promises to become the year of Timelock!


Timelock - Louise Brooks [2022 edition]
Expanded and remastered version of the 1992 debut album of Timelock. Incl 4 bonus tracks plus full concert at Planet Pul III in 1995
19,95 incl. VAT

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