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Nine Stones Close - Traces [10th anniversary edition - ltd.ed compact disc]
Nine Stones Close - Traces [10th anniversary edition - ltd.ed compact disc]
'Traces' is newly mixed and mastered by Paul van Zeeland and has new artwork by Antonbio Sejjas

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It's strange how things turn out.
At the last minute I decided to attend the Marillion weekend in Port Zelande in 2009. It was a chance to meet up with some dear friends, enjoy some music and a drink or three. I had also been granted permission by the bands management team to give away some copies of my debut Nine Stones Close release, St Lo, at the event. I decided that the only way to get my music out there was to give it away, so I took 500 pressed copies of the album with me and spent most of the weekend in the bar giving away CD’s and chatting to everyone about the music, as well as consuming generous amounts of beer.
I also made connections that would lead to Traces and nine Stones Close becoming what it was to become. I ran into Frans Keylard one morning, both of us with massive hangovers, and he took a CD, which later led to my music being given a break on his Rogues Gallery show on the Dividing Line Network. The same morning, I also shared hangover beers with Brendan Eyre and talked about music, swapped his Riversea demo CD for one of mine, agreed to stay in touch, and the story had begun. Both remain dear friends for life.
A few months later, I was going through a difficult time, my father was seriously ill with cancer and I had immersed myself in writing songs for what would become Traces, with the whole concept being based on my feelings and thoughts at that time. Brendan contacted me out of the blue to ask me to play guitar on a Christmas track he was working on. I agreed and in return asked him if he would have a go at adding some keyboards to something I was working on. We exchanged files. A week or so later Brendan sent back the track with a note that he had added his parts and that he had then sent it to Marc Atkinson to listen to. Inspired by the music, Marc had added a lyric and vocal without being asked. I sat down and played the track back through my hi-fi system at home and was stunned. The snow was falling outside, and the open fire was roaring away, it was a magical moment. It led my wife to exclaim ‘wow, you’ve written a real song!’. The song was ‘Falling To Pieces’. The rest is history.
Fast forward 10 years and Traces is long out of print, and people are still contacting me, trying to get hold of a physical copy and asking if there will ever be a vinyl release.  So, the time seemed right to give the album a new lease of life. I asked my producer, Paul van Zeelend, to remix and remaster the album for me to prepare it for a 10th anniversary release. Having mixed the original album myself, I knew that Paul’s mixing expertise would really take the songs to a new level, and it has. I also asked my good friend Antonio Seijas to create some new artwork for me for give the whole package a fresh new look, and what he created, based on the music and lyrics, is absolutely stunning. Traces has been a labour of love from its inception, and it continues to be now.
I dedicate this album to my late father, I think he would have liked it.

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