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The Cyberiam - The Cyberiam
The Cyberiam - The Cyberiam
The self-titled debut album from the Chicago-based band, The Cyberiam.

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The self-titled debut album from the Chicago-based band, The Cyberiam.

“This is such a cool band, full of great concepts and brimming with brilliant ideas that all become revealed when listening to the colossal amount [of] musical output integrated into this ten-track album” ~ Prog Planet

“Whether you are a fan of Tool and Opeth or like the more classic tones of Dream Theater or Symphony X, not to mention the alternative deeper feel of Porcupine Tree, this album has something for every progressive rock fan out there today.” ~ NEH Records

“Ranging from emotional to purely technical – and everything in between – and featuring a deep variety of styles, feelings, time signatures and sentiments, this is undoubtedly a promising band that will surely achieve international recognition and deserves your attention” ~ Sonic Perspectives

“They have a great balance between the mellower and more metallic, the retro and the modern. There isn’t a weak track here, and it never feels tired or repetitive. The field is beginning to get crowded, but this will be a contender for my best of 2018 list of ten releases. It’s that good.” ~ Music Street Journal Review

Brian Kovacs – Electric & Upright Bass, Vocals
Frank Lucas – Piano & Keyboards
Tommy Murray – Drums & Electronic Drums
Keith Semple – Vocals, Guitars, Additional Programming and Loops


Alice in Afterland
Cool Kids
The Fall
Don’t Blink
20/20 Visionary
The Historian
My Occupation
Brain in a Vat

released February 2, 2018

The CD is packged in a clear jewelcase

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