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Ross Jennings - A Shadow Of My Future Self [CD]
Ross Jennings - A Shadow Of My Future Self [CD]
The debut album of the frontman of Haken, Ross Jennings. Incl. postcard with a personal message by Ross.

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RELEASE DATE: 19 November, 2021

Ross Jennings set out to write, record and self-produce his debut solo effort ‘A Shadow Of My Future Self’ with an ambition to become a new household name and keep mainstream classic rock alive and well. Ross’ undeniable appeal is his uniquely soothing yet versatile voice and captivating lyricism that has won the hearts of many and the minds of those who dare to unravel the layers of poetry and cryptic narratives.

Never one to shy away from his influences, Ross Jennings has openly disclosed his love for American AOR and mainstream ‘90s MTV’ arena rock, his passion for modern Indie/pop such as Coldplay, U2 & R.E.M., and even his affinity with the Nashville Country music scene. Ross’s influences and tastes are vast, coupled with a strong desire to have an outlet to expand his songwriting away from Prog-metal and into these arenas, ‘A Shadow Of My Future Self’ finds Ross on a musical journey his fans have not heard him explore professionally before, writing very personal songs in what can only be described as a love letter to the aforementioned popular genres that were the foundation to Ross’s musical inspiration. This album in question starts on the fringe of a country road, navigates indie pop, anthemic rock, power ballads and culminates in some epic prog.

Ross has the following to say about the project: “Despite my history, I rarely regard myself as a metal singer, so I was in desperate need to scratch a long time itch and make a record that appeals to the broader spectrum of my musical palette. With ‘A Shadow Of My Future Self’, I unashamedly wear my influences on my sleeve but this is the kind of music I always imagined I’d be making before I took the path less travelled into prog metal... Needless to say, this is somewhat more accessible and radio friendly stuff!”

Written and recorded in the space of about 4-5 months between April - August 2020 the inspiration for ‘A Shadow Of My Future Self’ was born out of some difficult personal times.
“Not only was the planet turned on its head due to Covid-19, a fact that actually allowed the process of writing the album to happen, but some significant relationship breakdowns were occurring in my personal life at the same time. Without being too specific, the lockdown forced me to confront these life issues in the face and in the flesh, resulting in a wealth of emotions that inspired much of the lyric content on this record. I went on a very emotional and spiritual journey to overcome and make peace with certain things, which ultimately led me to a very positive space. It was extremely cathartic and profoundly therapeutic to work through my issues and create something positive out of some very negative circumstances.”

The album cover art was photographed by Yulia Jennings, and the design was fulfilled by longtime Haken collaborator Blacklake.

Whilst ‘A Shadow Of My Future Self’was all written in full by Ross Jennings and boasts not only vocal but also guitar performances from himself, some top up and coming guest musicians were also hired to fulfill the backing band duties for the record. Featuring Simen Sandnes (The Shining, Vola, Arkentype) on drums, Vikram Shankar (Redemption, Silent Skies, Lux Terminus) on keyboards and orchestral arrangements, plus prolific YouTuber and session bass extraordinaire Nathan Navarro (Devin Townsend) fulfilling bass duties. These fine musicians make up Ross’s core band, with some notable guest performances from Norwegian brass outfit ‘Blasemafian’, mixed by Karim Sinno/ The AudioLoft and mastered by Haken collaborator Ermin Hamidovic of Systematic Productions (Vector & Virus).

The album is a very diverse mix of Alternative Pop, Arena Rock and indie ballads with infectious melodies that won’t leave your brain. A truly bold statement from a prog rock/metal musician with ambition to take a giant leap into the mainstream, following the footsteps of his heroes such as Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, David Gilmour, Chris Cornell & Steven Wilson.

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