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PreHistoric Animals - The Magical Mystery Machine - chapter 2 [ultra clear vinyl]
PreHistoric Animals - The Magical Mystery Machine - chapter 2 [ultra clear vinyl]
Third studio album by the Swedish prog outfit PreHistoric Animals

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Limited Edition of 200 copies on ultra clear vinyl. Includes a 30x30cm inlay and A5 postcard with a message from the band.

This is Chapter 2 of the bands musical story on 'The Magical Mystery Machine' and of course the follow-up to their 2020 album 'The Magical Mystery Machine' - chapter 1.

The time has come for chapter 2. The story of Cora and Jareth collecting the humanitys abilities continues. This time they realize that they are part of a universal plot. Almost like a gigantic Truman show. Jareth gets imprisoned by the "Protectors of the universe" organization when he is forced to let Cora go on with the quest on her own. She begins to like being "The chosen one" and the end of the world is coming closer.....

1. An Empty Space
2. We Harvest the Souls of the Brave
3.  I Am the Chosen One (and I like it)
4. Ghostfires
5. Cora's New Secret
6. The Protectors of the Universe
7. 2100 (New Year's eve)
8. Pull Me In
9. It's a Start, Not the End


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